Spend confidently.

Stop wondering: "Will another lunch out eat into my budget?"

Meet The Easy Money Toolkit

Go from saving no money (ever), to paying off debt and saving your first $10k.

What you'll receive...

  • Budget Template
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Ready to feel confident about your money?

  • Quit overspending
  • Know exactly where your money goes
  • Give yourself a budget you can actually stick to
savings tracker example
  • Savings Tracker
savings tracker

Want to feel good about your bank account balance?

  • Save your first $10,000
  • Finally pay for vacations and holidays in cash
  • Stop being crushed by emergency expenses
savings tracker
  • Debt Breakdown
debt snowball spreadsheet example

Are you tired of being stuck with your debt?

  • Quit feeling overwhelmed
  • Start making REAL progress
  • Become debt-free
Debt breakdown
  • Bill Pay Checklist
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Want to make paying bills easier?

  • Never miss a payment
  • Avoid late fees
  • Get organized financially
Bill Pay Checklist

Stop watching your bank account drain and credit card balances rise.

For less than the cost of lunch, you'll have everything you need to start winning financially.

$97 Value

Just $36

What comes in your toolkit:

Financial Worksheets

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Financial Worksheets

278 customer reviews


4.6 out of 5 stars

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Amanda Farley


Great spreadsheet!

My problem has never been paying my bills; it's always about unnecessary spending and being a little too swipe happy. I needed a template that would help me spend wisely, not just pay off debt. I am still in the "baby steps" with this spreadsheet, but I am addicted to it!

Blank avatar

Mark Smithson


glad i got it

Much easier to use than other spreadsheets i've tried.

Blank avatar

Madeeha Jadmani


Thank you

Seriously wish I had this earlier in my life - I wouldn't have dug myself into credit card debt and would have established a savings account much earlier in my life. But now, with the help of this tool I've set up a savings, checking that is for my "fun budget" and I've started budgeting. I would always wonder where my money went - definitely not something you should do as a 35 year old woman.

Blank avatar

Jacklyn Troop


Beyond helpful

I bought the previous version and it has been such a blessing and helpful tool in my life. I didn’t hesitate to buy this new version because of the improved changes and included extra savings tracker.

Blank avatar

Brittany Cardenas


Common FINANCIAL sense is not that common - this spreadsheet to the rescue!

Thank you. I would also love for you guys to offer a printable workbook in the future.

Blank avatar

Daniel T.


Been using it since December and I'm very happy

Great customer service. My computer crashed and I lost all my files, including this spreadsheet which i had been using since last December. I contacted customer service and they sent me a new one.

Blank avatar

Katherine G.


Five stars

Great guide for financial planning and getting out of debt. i am using it with the debt avalanche plan. Completely empowering on getting control and being a boss.

Blank avatar

Megan Dobach


very happy with it

My mom bought me this spreadsheet because she wanted me to get myself together! Well, it inspired me to do just that!

Blank avatar

Chase McCaskill


Simple way to organize your finances

Definitely deserved to buy.

Blank avatar

Tony F.


Very useful, easy to understand and use

practical tool helps me track my progress. I just paid off my credit card and 2 medical bills. Next step is to pay off my student loans. I'm hoping to be debt-free in 16 months. It's time to get my life back.

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Absolutely! Our Easy Money Spreadsheet works for weekly budgeting, biweekly budgeting, monthly budgeting and anything in between 

Yes! Everything is fully customizable to meet your needs. 

The default template allows you to enter up to 12 debts. But since this spreadsheet is customizable, you can add more debts if necessary.

Are you ready to manage your money but don’t know where to start?

$97 Value

Just $36

Since this is a digital download, this product is non-refundable.

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Financial Worksheets
  • Debt Breakdown Printable
  • Money Saving Worksheet
  • Budget Breakdown Printable
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