12 Reasons Getting Fired is the Best Thing For Your Career

Most people who get fired didn’t get the boot because they stopped showing up. They didn’t come to work late. They didn’t steal anything. 

So, what happened?

They just pissed off the wrong person.

It’s SO easy to make the wrong person mad. It’s something we’ve all done at some point.

You can piss someone off just by telling the truth while everyone else stays silent.

Or by having an unpopular opinion.

But yet, so many people are embarrassed about getting fired. And it’s time to stop!

I know, it isn’t exactly a badge of honor, but it shouldn’t be worn like a mark of shame either.

Still, we carry a lot of baggage when it comes to being fired from a job.

And we rarely stop to think about all the good things that happened after getting fired. So here are 12 reasons why getting fired is great for your career.

So let’s get started!

1 | You Learn What You Don’t Want

Have you ever been out of a situation and looked back and thought, “Why did I put up with that?”

Sometimes while you’re in the situation – you’re able to realize that you aren’t where you want to be.

Other times, it takes getting fired to help you reflect on if you were actually happy (or if going on your lunch break made you feel like you had just been let out of jail.)

If you’re being completely honest with yourself then you’ll probably realize the job wasn’t the right fit for you.

Sure, there may have been aspects of the job that you liked, but overall you learn more about what you don’t want after leaving.

There’s no better time to realize what you don’t want after having some time and space between you and the situation.

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2 | You Learn That It Isn’t The End of The World

Trying to remain positive after being fired is hard. Don’t get me wrong.

There will be good days and bad days.

Let it sink in, take a deep breath, and realize that you probably weren’t planning on staying at that job forever, anyway.

And if you could do it all over again – you probably would’ve left sooner.

Because why would you choose to stay somewhere that wasn’t a right fit for you anyway?

The following days after being fired can be really hard emotionally.

You won’t always wake up with a positive attitude about the situation.

You’re not alone. EVERYONE goes through that.

Allow yourself to feel those emotions.

And while you’re searching for something better – don’t forget to make time for hobbies or self-care activities.

3 | You’re Given a Fresh Start

I never realized how easy it was to get caught up in a terrible job until it happened to me.

As long as the paycheck hits every two weeks, it’s so common to fall into the trap of not doing anything proactive about your situation (so that you can make it better!)

So sometimes we just need to start new.

But most people are scared to take the next step.

So when you’re fired you no longer have to worry about the daily stresses, struggles, or headaches that came with that job.

It’s now time to find something better. You’ve been given the fresh start you needed.

It’s not easy to leave your job in the name of needing change so that’s why getting fired is the perfect way to try something you might not have had the courage to do on your own.

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4 | You Start Reflecting

We all get fired for a reason.

It may have been a bad reason but it’s still a reason.

And it can be a tough pill to swallow.

Maybe you pissed off the wrong person, or you called out too many times, or you had an issue with not meeting deadlines.

Whatever it is – do your part to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We all have weak areas but we don’t have to settle with them.

5 | The Chance to Diversify

The saying goes, “Never put your eggs in one basket.”

That saying is so common and for a great reason.

But sometimes we have to learn that lesson the hard way.

What happens when all the eggs break?

If all your eggs break, then I guarantee you’ll start wanting to diversify your income streams so that it doesn’t happen again.

Lesson learned.

The reason that most people feel stuck at a crappy job is that (repeat after me), they’ve got bills to pay.

Once you learn to pay those bills by diversifying your income then you’ll have a much greater sense of security for yourself.

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6 | It Lights a Fire Under You

This is one of the best things about getting fired: once you dust yourself off and become more determined than ever.

Maybe you want to prove your doubters wrong.

Maybe you want to show yourself that you can survive.

So you decide at your next job that you’re going to give 110%.

You start creating new and better opportunities for yourself.

You plan to chase that dream you’ve always had but never acted on.

The few weeks that follow being fired are some of the best for creativity, focus, and finding a new sense of self.

You’re a different person because of it and you become determined to make something of yourself.

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7 | You Appreciate Your Family & Friends More

You remember your family and friends, right?

Those relationships that were neglected because you were dealing with a lot at work?

After that fateful call to the office, you start valuing the relationships you have in your life much more.

Not only do you rely on emotional support from your friends and family, but they also know people which might lead to better job opportunities.

Jobs come from people; not the internet.

8 | You Grow Professionally

Maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve updated your resume (or even looked at it since you last got hired.)

Growing professionally is crucial for your long-term career.

Make it a goal to continuously update your resume at least once a year.

Also, keep a running list of your achievements and accomplishments so that in your next interview, you can mention what makes you the best person for the job.

And by the way, just because you got fired it doesn’t mean you didn’t achieve anything.

It just wasn’t the right fit for you.

Having an achievements list will make updating your resume easier and it will give you something to talk about in your next job interview.

Oh, and most importantly, when you’re negotiating a raise – you’ll know exactly why you should be given one. 🙂

9 | It Can Encourage You to go Back to School

Maybe you’ve been putting off finishing your degree or maybe you never started in the first place.

It’s time to evaluate where you want to be in life.

Is there a certain skill set you need in order to have the job of your dreams?

What are you waiting for?

10 | You Learn to Survive

Your first reaction after getting the boot is probably, “Oh sh-t, what am I going to do now?”

You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and hustle yourself into a better situation.

You might tighten up your finances or figure out how to cut extra fat from your budget.

You learn new things.

You learn how to spot red flags early on at your next job.

You create a safety net for yourself so if something happens again then you’ll be covered.

Most importantly, you learn to believe in yourself.

11 | You Can Focus on Your Health

What areas of your life need improving?

Do you need to eat better, get more sleep, or exercise more?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of not taking care of yourself when you’re working a lot.

I was able to lose 40 pounds after leaving my last job.

The more I think about it now, the more I realize I would not have been able to do that while working there.


Because after leaving, I was able to focus more on myself.

I had more time to decide what I really wanted out of life.

Losing weight was something I knew I needed to do, so I made it happen.

My initial goal was to lose 20 pounds, but after reaching that number I was SO motivated to do more and ended up losing an extra 20!

12 | There’s No Success Without Failure

When it comes to being fired, Bloomberg once said, “I’ve always thought tomorrow was going to be the best day of my life. Even the day I knew I was going to get fired, I had never been fired before and wanted to see what it was like.”

Being “put out” isn’t the same as being put down. Just because your employment ended – it doesn’t mean you failed.

It helps you grow stronger.

It can be a scary feeling because you feel like you failed.

Your ego is probably bruised and your ego has taken a hit.

After you’ve stepped back from the situation then you’ll realize that you’ve grown a thicker skin.

Because even though it may seem final and permanent at first –  you’ll eventually see that life goes on and better opportunities come your way.

There are my 12 reasons why getting fired is great for your career! If you enjoyed this article, then share it!


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  1. Wow thank you so much for your article. I was wrongfully terminated from my job after 8 years of working there. I pissed off 2 people in management positions that led to termination. I had been feeling poorly about myself until I read your article. Now, I’m much more at peace thanks to you and feel much more confident. I had never been fired before and this almost made me feel unworthy of even existing. But, now I have a new percepective thanks to your article.

    • I’m glad you have a new perspective. Thanks so much for sharing your story! Many people deal with this same issue.

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