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Get complete control over your budget in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times:

So maybe you’ve downloaded a few budgeting apps. Or you’ve tried to make a spreadsheet yourself.
But still…
It’s hard to find something that really sticks with you, right?
You’re not alone.
Before we created our Budget Google Sheets, we received a lot of the same messages:
“I’m overwhelmed by all the budgeting software out there. It’s either too complicated or takes up too much of my time. After a week or two, I end up scrapping it altogether.”
“I want to be in control of my money, but I don’t want to spend hours doing it. I need something simple, straightforward, and easy to stick to.”
So we polled our readers and created an entire spreadsheet based on what matters most.
It’s not about overly-fancy and complicated software with graphs, charts, and tables.
It’s about a financial tool that you’ll actually use.
A tool that saves you time and money. A tool that keeps things simple, but carries a big impact.
So without further ado…

Meet the Easy Money Spreadsheet.

What you'll receive:

1. Budgeting Spreadsheet

Budget Spreadsheet

2. Bill Pay Checklist

budget for google sheets

3. Debt Breakdown

budget google sheets

4. Savings Tracker

budget google sheets
  • Budget Template
budgeting template gif

A budget you can actually stick to.

  • Stop overspending
  • Give yourself financial security
  • Take back control of your life
budget for google sheets
  • Bill Pay Checklist
bill pay checklist gif

Know exactly where your money is going.

  • Never miss a payment
  • Avoid late fees
  • Get organized financially
budget for google sheets
  • Debt Breakdown
debt snowball spreadsheet example

Stop feeling stuck with your debt.

  • Track your progress
  • Stay motivated
  • Become debt-free
budget google sheets
  • Savings Tracker
savings tracker

Give yourself financial security.

  • Reward yourself
  • Prepare for emergencies
  • Plan for the future
budget google sheets

Compatible with:

Financial Worksheets

About These Budget Google Sheets:

Have you heard the saying time is money?
We feel that way about budgeting. It’s important, but it shouldn’t eat away at your precious time.
So our goal was to create a simple personal budget template that anyone could use.
You don’t need to be a financial wiz or math expert, you just need to be willing to spend a few minutes each week managing your financial life.
No hassle, no headache.
This budgeting spreadsheet includes 12 done-for-you templates and calculations that are automatically computed for you.

How to Use it:

Start by entering in your planned income in the left column. This is your guideline for what you plan to earn.
Budget Google Sheets
Next, move onto your expenses. There is room for over 20 expenses, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.
As the month goes by, you’ll update the right columns with your actual income and actual expenses.
At the very bottom, you’ll notice that it automatically calculates your totals, so you’ll know exactly where you stand financially.
Simple budget template

About The Bill Pay Checklist

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar:
You sit down to create your budget.
You write down all your income and expenses. You’ve accounted for everything. …or so you thought.
Halfway through the month, you realize you forgot about a variable expense. Annoyed, you kick yourself for not remembering it.
Now you have to go back and adjust your budget.
Can you relate?
It’s an easy mistake.
So you asked, and we delivered.
Keeping up with your bill payments and budgeting go hand in hand. So when our customers asked for an easy way to track bills, we knew we had to include a bill pay checklist in these budget google sheets.
This is especially important for variable expenses that are so easy to forget about, including:
  • Subscription services
  • Gym memberships
  • Car insurance
  • Car registration
  • HOAs
  • Taxes

How to Use it:

Start by entering the name of the bill and monthly payment amount. Then, enter the date that it’s due and whether it’s auto-pay (Y/N).
Budget Google Sheets
As you make payments, you’ll click the checkbox under the appropriate month.
This makes managing your money a breeze, and at a quick glance you’ll know what’s due, when, and how much.

About The Debt Breakdown Worksheet

Paying off debt can feel like a complicated task.
Interest rates. Car loans. Credit cards. Student loans. Debt snowball. Debt avalanche. Repayment time. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Is it a tad overwhelming?
This debt breakdown worksheet takes you back to the basics.
And it focuses on what’s really important:
Staying motivated on your debt-free journey.

How to Use it:

List your debts and their starting balances. As you make payments, you’ll see the balance automatically decrease.
Budget Google Sheets
By the end of the year, you’ll know exactly where you started and how far you’ve come.
Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your debt, you can look back to see how much progress you’ve made.

About The Savings Tracker

Let’s face it.
Saving money for the sake of saving money doesn’t usually work for most of us.
We need to have strong financial goals in place and the ability to visualize our progress.
So what are your goals?
Do you want to build an emergency fund? Save for a vacation? Buy a car?
This savings tracker puts an emphasis on the “why” and lets you track your progress.

How to Use it:

It comes with a pre-listed set of goals at the top.
You can start by customizing your budget google sheets with your own financial goals. For example, you might want to change the vacation section to “down payment on a home.”
Budget Google Sheets
Once you pick your goals, then you’ll type in how much you’d like to save.
As you save money every month, the savings tracker will automatically update to let you know how much you’ve saved and how much you have left.

Frequently Asked Questions:

couple budgeting
I get paid biweekly, can I use this budgeting spreadsheet?
Yes, whether you get paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly – this tool works for you.
Can I change the colors, fonts, titles, and add/delete rows?
Absolutely! Everything is fully customizable.
Is this tool compatible with other devices?
Yes, it’s compatible with Google Sheets, Numbers for Mac, Excel, iPhones, and Android phones.
Does the debt template work for the debt snowball and debt avalanche?
How many kinds of debt can I enter?
The default template allows you to enter up to 12 debts. But since this spreadsheet is customizable, you can add more or delete some if necessary.

How To Know if These Budget Google Sheets Are Right For You

couple budgeting using google sheets
If you’ve spent any time online researching how to better your financial life, then you know it all starts with a budget.
But even when you know budgeting is important, you might not be clear on how to make one.
You’re not alone:
According to research, 25% of people say they want more knowledge about budgeting.
Fortunately, there are plenty of different tools and templates out there to help you.
Now I know what you’re thinking.
How do I know if this one is right for me?
To answer your question, you’ll like this tool if…
  • You value simplicity. We wanted you to be able to understand each box in this budget sheet, so we kept it simple.
  • You value ease-of-use. Even when you understand every feature in your worksheet, you won’t stick to it if it’s a chore to fill out. To make it a budget you can actually stick to, we made it easy to use.
  • You want to modify the template to fit your life. Personal finance is personal, so the ability to add or delete rows, change colors, and make adjustments is important. Your template should change to fit your budget, not the other way around.
  • You like that it’s available online. You want to be able to edit your budget anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • It fits into your budget. As with any purchase, you have to decide if it makes sense financially. When you manage your money wisely, this tool will easily pay for itself.

278 customer reviews


4.5 out of 5 stars

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Blank avatar

Amanda Farley


Verified Purchase

Great spreadsheet!

My problem has never been paying my bills; it's always about unnecessary spending and being a little too swipe happy. I needed a template that would help me spend wisely, not just pay off debt. I am still in the "baby steps" with these budget google sheets, but I am addicted to it!

Blank avatar

Mark Smithson


Verified Purchase

glad i got it

Much easier to use than other spreadsheets i've tried.

Blank avatar

Madeeha Jadmani


Verified Purchase

Thank you

Seriously wish I had this earlier in my life - I wouldn't have dug myself into credit card debt and would have established a savings account much earlier in my life. But now, with the help of this tool I've set up a savings, checking that is for my "fun budget" and I've started budgeting. I would always wonder where my money went - definitely not something you should do as a 30 year old woman.

Blank avatar

Jacklyn Troop


Beyond helpful

I bought the previous version and it has been such a blessing and helpful tool in my life. I didn’t hesitate to buy this new version because of the improved changes and included extra savings tracker.

Blank avatar

Brittany Cardenas


Verified Purchase

Common FINANCIAL sense is not that common - this spreadsheet to the rescue!

The spreadsheet is sent to you within minutes of your purchase! It’s so beautiful and I’m so excited to use them. Thank you. I would also love for you guys to offer a printable workbook in the future.

Blank avatar

Daniel T.


Verified Purchase

Been using it since December and I'm very happy

Great financial tool.

Blank avatar

Katherine G.


Verified Purchase

Five stars

Great guide for financial planning and getting out of debt. Completely empowering on getting control and being a boss.

Blank avatar

Megan Dobach


Verified Purchase

very happy with it

My mom bought me this spreadsheet because she wanted me to get myself together! Well, it inspired me to do just that! If you need to get it together, or you have a friend who needs to get it together, then buy these budget google sheets.

Blank avatar

Chase McCaskill


Verified Purchase

Simple personal budget template for google sheets

These templates helped me manage my money and finally feel like Im getting my ducks in a row. This spreadsheet can be a bible to financial stability. Definitely deserved to buy.

Blank avatar

Tony F.


Verified Purchase

Very useful, easy to understand and use

practical tool helps me track my progress

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