6 Things You Should Do When You’re In Between Jobs

Written by Andee S.

For many people, the thought of being in-between jobs is a nightmare.

No matter the circumstances, leaving one job for another is typically a stressful ordeal. Should you choose to make use of this time, a temporary break from your career can be used to help you mentally prepare for your next step in life, whatever that may be. 

The most important thing to remember when you are in between jobs is to remain calm and stay busy!

Taking some time away from work can help you relax, release some pent up energy, and allow for personal growth both in and out of the workplace.

Here are a few things you can do to help you make the most of the time you spend in-between jobs.

Set a Budget

When you are out of a job, money can become a point of concern in a hurry. As soon as you know that you will be unemployed, it is important to set a budget.

Even if it is just for a short period of time, setting a budget will help you monitor what money is coming in and what is going out, helping you to avoid those pesky overdraft fees while you are out of work.

Knowing exactly what your financial picture looks like can help you avoid a ton of unnecessary stress.

Downloading a money monitoring app such as Mint, or any of the others on the market, can help you keep track of your finances by notifying you of upcoming payments as well as help you keep to the budget you set for yourself.

Find a Side Hustle

Finding an outside source of income is a great thing to do while you are in-between jobs. Not only does it help to keep you busy, but it can also help you earn some extra cash while you wait for your next opportunity to arise.

Becoming a rideshare driver for a service such as Uber or Lyft is a great side job, as it allows you to work whenever it is convenient for you, affording you plenty of time to focus on job hunting or building some new desirable, career skills.

Your car can be a key tool in finding a side hustle to keep some money flowing while you are out of work.

Taskrabbit and Fiverr, are both online platforms that connect people who need help with getting a project done with other individuals who are up to the task. Both of these are great resources that can be used to pick up some side jobs. This is also a great way to get out of the house and learn a new skill!

Pursue Your Hobbies

For most people, work takes up more time than just about anything else in life. When work is out of the picture, it opens up lots of time to focus on other things.

Spending some time focusing on personal development can help you return to work with renewed energy.

Whether you choose to pursue things that may help to further your career, old hobbies you may have lost touch with over the years, or just something you have always wanted to learn more about, enjoying some of your hobbies can be a great way to stay occupied while you search for something new.

This is a great time to pick up a career-oriented hobby that may be able to further your professional development. Programming, coding, photography or a second language are just a few of the skills that could be of help in a number of fields.

Prep Your Resume

Making sure that your resume and social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and other job boards are up to date and professional can help you connect with potential employers.

Be sure to go through old posts and photos to ensure that your profile doesn’t show any potentially incriminating information that may dissuade potential employers from hiring you.

Get Outside and Get some Exercise

Numerous studies have shown that some fresh air can have a major impact on your mental well being. If unemployment is causing you to feel stressed, anxious, or nervous, stepping outside can be a good way to improve your mood.

Planning a day trip to hike on your favorite trail, laying in the sun by the river, or even take a walking in your local park can help you feel better about being out of work.

Another way to keep your mind and body occupied while you are in-between jobs is exercise. No matter how you choose to exercise, it can help to lower your stress levels. Staying in shape is a good way to stay productive while out of a job, ensuring that wherever the next step may be, you are physically ready.

Don’t Panic!

Remember, the in-between jobs state is only temporary. Use the time that you are out of work to help you prepare for the next step.

Take some time off to relax and mentally prepare for whatever career move you have planned and use your free time to exercise your body and mind.

Though it may be a scary state to be in, being in-between jobs can be a highly beneficial and productive state if you properly utilize it.

If you find yourself without a job, wondering what the next step is, make a plan, set a budget, and find a way to use the time to help you come out in a better state than when you began.

Andee is a recent college graduate from Arizona State University with a love of writing, the outdoors, and funky cafes. You can usually find her hiking or planning her next trip. She is passionate about traveling, frugal living, her family, and the perfect cup of coffee. You can find her on Instagram at @andee_schmidt 

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  1. thank you I am looking for a new job right now. I wish i would have saved more money but budgeting helps

    • Budgeting can make a huge difference, that’s for sure. Thanks for reading Lisa!

    • You’re welcome, Trent!

  2. I think it’s time to leave my job to find something better. I might be in between work soon. Thanks for the tips

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