20 Things to Buy Cheaper After Christmas

As someone who used to work in retail, I learned quickly that there are plenty of things you should wait to buy after Christmas!

So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite 20 things you can buy cheaper after Christmas. Let’s get started!

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1 | Cosmetic, Fragrance, & Skincare Gift Sets

At the beginning of November, stores start stocking up on gift sets. Just after Christmas (usually the first 2 weeks) gift sets will be 50% off and BUY 1, GET 1.

I LOVE Ulta because anything beauty related that you could ever want will usually come in a gift set.

You can find plenty of sets on sale that aren’t even holiday-themed (so you can gift them throughout the year, without everyone knowing you snagged them after Christmas)

Sephora and Macy’s are also great places to grab gift sets for cheaper after Christmas.

2 | TVs

My boyfriend once bought a new television JUST for the SuperBowl party he was having. (like, who does that?!)

Apparently, a lot of people do!

Black Friday isn’t the only time you can score awesome deals on TVs. 

Right before the Superbowl, many brands offer steep discounts on their television sets.

Some deals include hundreds of dollars (yes, hundreds!) off of name brand TVs.

Last year I saw a deal for $210 off a 60″ Vizio LED Smart TV at Target and Best Buy ran a promotion for $170 off Sharp LED TVs.

You can’t beat it!

3 | Gym Memberships

Do you know what the most common New Year’s Resolution is?

Yep, you probably guessed it!

Eat healthier and get into shape. Since retailers know this, they take full advantage of it!

And because many of us want to get back into working out, our local gyms heavily discount their memberships in order to get our business.

Last year, Planet Fitness cut their membership prices to $1 for the month of January. Crazy, right?!

I usually get a TON of gym flyers at the end of December so it’s pretty easy for me to pick the best deal.

But if you don’t get flyers, just do some searching online or call your local gym and find out who has the best promotions!

4 | Fitness Equipment

Not all of us want to actually go to a gym to work out.

Sometimes it’s nice to have some gym equipment at home for those “I don’t feel like leaving the house” days. 

So it’s no surprise that if gym memberships go on sale, then so does fitness equipment!

Some places offer as much as 50% off treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines.

Other places give a cash discount like $50 or $75 off with a purchase of $xx or more.

AFG, Academy, and NordicTrack are some really good retailers to keep an eye out for if you want to find a sale on fitness equipment.

5 | Furniture 

A lot of furniture sets and mattresses get sold during the holidays, so furniture stores start getting ready for shipments of new models in February. 

Because of this, furniture stores to clear out the older inventory in January.

Shoppers actually see the highest reported savings for furniture in January (usually as high as 50% off)

So if you’ve been needing a new living room set or mattress – start your search right after Christmas and you’ll be getting the best deal all year.

6 | Hardware & Tools

January is the slow season for home projects, so stores run big sales on hardware and equipment to clear out last year’s remaining inventory.

There is no better time to pick up power tools, tool sets, and home & gardening items for yourself or the DIY-er in your life!

Even though it’s the dead of winter – go ahead and get the sales while you can because soon spring will come and you (or the person you’re buying for) will be ready to start working around the house again!

7 | Video Games

In the weeks after Christmas, ’tis the season for finding great sales on video games and consoles. 

For video game lovers, Steam has two big sales each year: a winter sale and a summer sale.

The winter sale at Steam starts JUST before Christmas and continues through the first week of the New Year. 

Best Buy also runs sales on their games and GameStop has a BUY 2, GET 1 free sale for lightly used games right before New Year’s Day.

8 | Wedding Gifts

Even though wedding season doesn’t technically start until June, bridal & wedding gifts go on sale big time in January.

If you know someone who is getting married in the near future, take advantage of the after-Christmas sales on home decor, cookware, and bedding. 

Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, and JCPenney typically have their best sales of the year after Christmas.

9 | Throw Blankets

Blankets are super popular gifts to give during Christmas. But after the holidays, these lovely bundles of fluff take up a ton of shelf space. 

That means they are super marked down after the holiday season.

Check out the home section of stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohls.

If you can, try to find a coupon to stack on an already discounted item so you can get extra savings!

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10 | Open Box Electronics

Electronics are usually opened and returned after Christmas. This means they’re put on sale and sold as open box electronics. 

So you’re essentially getting a brand new computer or TV for way less just because someone opened the box.

Walmart and Best Buy even have sections on their websites for open-box electronics.

Click HERE to check out Walmarts open box electronics and HERE for Best Buy.

11 | Vacation Packages

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two very popular times to go on vacation (or fly) so companies and airlines take advantage of that by hiking up their prices.

But, through January 4 – January 31 (after New Year’s but before Valentines Day), travel tends to take a dip.

Resorts, cruises, and hotels typically become pretty vacant.

This makes finding good deals on vacation packages pretty easy.

Resorts, hotels, and cruise ships discount vacation packages so they can boost their sales during the slow season.

If you’re planning on booking a vacation, try to snag the deal in January before they hike the prices back up for Valentine’s Day.

12 | Appliances

Just like furniture and mattresses,  last year’s model of appliances will go on sale during January. 

But just like most things that are last year’s inventory, your options might be a little more scarce, so you might have to do a little digging (or shopping online) to find the appliance you really want.

13 | Barware

People are sipping cocktails and eating good in December then by January, they’re on a diet.

So since everyone starts trying to cut back on the extra calories that come with wine, beer, and mixed drinks, you’ll be sure to find good discounts on barware after the holiday season.

If you enjoy a nice drink every now and then keep an eye out for wine chillers, beer mugs, shaker sets, and anything cocktail related

14 | Baby Items

If you have a baby or know someone having a baby, you’ll definitely get a good bargain after Christmas.

Places like Babies R Us and Children’s Place usually have some good post-holiday deals as they start clearing out older toys, clothes, baby bottles, and other merchandise. 

Baby gear is quickly moved over to the clearance bin to make room for new merchandise and there is no better time to buy.

16.5pt | Gifts for the Teacher

If you have kids and like to give teacher gifts, start buying them in January!

Plus, Teacher Appreciation Week is the second week in May, so it’s a good idea to pick up a few things early to get the best deal.

Kirkland’s has an entire section on their website dedicated to Teacher Gifts. They have a ton of selection, so you’ll be guaranteed to find something a teacher would love.

Amazon also has a really good selection (on pretty much anything!)

16 | Christmas Decor

No surprise here! Holiday decorations experience the biggest discounts after Christmas.

Most stores kick off their winter clearance sales starting December 26!

Retailers like Amazon and Home Depot have the highest reported discounts (as high as 80%) off seasonal items!

Anything from lights, inflatables, wreaths, and Christmas trees will be marked down super low.

17 | Winter Clothing

While you can snag a lot of great deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, January and July are the two times of year when clothing stores turn over their clothes for the new season.

Sweaters, scarves, coats, boots, and bras go on sale for as much as 60% off between the 26th – 10th. 

18 | Wrapping Paper & Holiday Cards

Once Christmas has passed, most people are all wrapped out on wrapping paper. Holiday cards are put on the back burner too.

If you want to be ahead of the game, it’s a smart idea to pick up a couple of rolls of wrapping paper and a few Christmas cards for next year. 

19 | Seasonal Food

I loooove Christmas sugar cookies. And I love them even more when they go on sale!

Pretty much any kind of holiday snacks you can think of (cookies, cakes, candy) will be really cheap after the holiday season!

20 | Cars

If you know you need a new car, try to hold out until after the holiday season.

A lot of people buy new cars during October, November, and December, so dealerships are stocked and ready for the influx of new customers.

After December though, people are all spent out on Christmas and they’re less likely to shop for a new vehicle.

This is when dealerships experience a tank in sales.

When January starts coming to an end, dealers might find themselves a few cars short of a sales quota that would win them a good commission.

Salespeople will have more motivation to make a deal with you and give you a good discount (so they can make up for the slow month of January).

This is the time when you shouldn’t sleep on getting a great car deal!

There you have it! 20 things to buy cheaper after Christmas! If you enjoyed this post, make sure to share it!

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